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  • Manufacturers who are represented on Digital World may send me promotional information about their products and services via email and telephone and that Tech Data may share my data (name and professional email contact information) for this purpose. This also applies to manufacturers based in a country outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) if a different and/or lower level of data protection applies in this country than in the EU/EEA and my data is less protected there than in the European Union, such as in the USA. Information on the manufacturers can be found HERE.


  • Tech Data may transmit to manufacturers whose content I have visited/downloaded within the framework of Digital World my professional contact information (and my name to manufacturers outside the EEA as well) for the verification and cost-control of promotions sponsored by manufacturers. This applies especially if the manufacturer is based in a country outside the European Economic Area in which my data is less protected than in the European Union, for example, in the USA. Information about the manufacturers can be found HERE.

[For manufacturers based in the EEA, the company name, function, name, country, and participant type are transferred based on the legitimate interest of the manufacturers (verification of marketing campaigns for anti-corruption and anti-fraud purposes) and of Tech Data in offering their customers content sponsored by manufacturers, as described in the privacy notice.]


Version date 17/08/2021


Maximilian von Mustermann

Corporate Lead for Development

Hewlet Packers International Industries